Fredric March with Norma Shearer in Smilin’ Through (1932)

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Fredric March and Elissa Landi in The Sign of the Cross, 1932.

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Remembering Fredric March (August 31st 1897 - April 14th 1975)

"His career was spectacular and long; he produced an uninterrupted stream of comedic, fantastic, and tragic characters over forty years … he feels forgotten by film history—or if not exactly forgotten, for we know and love many of his films, then unknown as a person.” -Guy Maddin

"He is normally quietly excellent … he did go through a spell of being a romantic leading man but for most of his career he had been a dedicated no-nonsense actor, authoritative and reliable; if you look at publicity stills of March you will find them less affected than those of any other star: he does not pose. He is direct, he is an actor who cries out to be rediscovered.” -David Shipman

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Fredric March, c.1933

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Fredric March with Veronica Lake in I Married a Witch (1942) [via].

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Fredric March and Florence Eldridge in THE AMERICAN WAY (1939) [Original, Play] (via Fredric March: A Consummate Actor Facebook page)

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